Since 2006 Lin Eshalom, aka “Savage Lin” has been well known across the globe as a talented and fearless professional stunt rider. Just two years after purchasing his first bike, Lin was head to head in competitions with some of the sports’ most respected riders. Lin has placed in the top ten every year, with 3rd overall in the XDL competition series two times over the past six years. He continues to impress on-lookers with his ever growing talent. Savage’s team, Empire, has placed first 19 out of 22 events they have competed in. Lin has come in strong in what looks to be a sweep in team battle for the XDL series for 2011. He continues to practice with a relentless passion and strives toward the number one spot in XDL and beyond.

Freestyle sport bikes have come a long way since the renegade days of illegal activity on the highways. Over the past 9 years, riders have come off the streets to enter a new world of professional sanctioned competitions. The XDL series has emerged as the lead driving force behind the fastest growing extreme sport in America. Over a period of six months the series traveled to 9 cities across the country in 2013. Also due to high demand more and more competitions are springing up in cities such as Stunt Wars, SBF, King of the South, and the Canadian National championship in Vancouver. The X-Games have also jumped on the sport bike train and hosted some of the top riders in the industry for competition in summer of 2011.
Lin will continue to compete in all XDL and non-XDL competitions
around the country including the X-Games. With many local and national events coming up, he is looking forward to a very busy year of riding, filming and promoting the sport he is so passionate about.